UAE travel guide
Tourist attractions, main sights, routes, and souvenir shops

Almost everything in Dubai is officially the biggest, the coolest, or the most expensive in the world. Dubai is the city of the world’s tallest building, the world’s biggest shopping mall and the largest indoor theme park.

Dubai is a diverse and spread-out city. To the South-West lies the modern Dubai: glamorous villas of Jumeirah, futuristic skyscrapers of Dubai Marina and the Dubai downtown. To the North-East lies the old Dubai: Deira and Bur Dubai, separated by the Creek. 

There are dozens of shopping malls in Dubai, each accommodating hundreds of shops, not to mention restaurants and entertainment.

For authentic souvenirs go to traditional markets (“souks” or “souqs” in Arabic).

Dubai is not a city build with pedestrians in mind: the distances are long and the sun is ruthless. The options are: rent a car, take a taxi, or use public transport.

Dubai is not only a melting pot but also a frying pan with a hot, spicy and savoury mix of foods from around half of the world, from Morocco to Philippines. Immigrants bring their food traditions to Dubai, creating a diverse, exotic and highly affordable food scene.

Anywhere, including Dubai, the tourist’s strategy of getting a tasty, safe and inexpensive lunch is simple: ask and look around to find where locals eat, avoid empty places (there must be a reason).

Most of the top Dubai restaurants offer not only world-class cuisine, but also a unique experience of being on top of the world or surrounded by the sea.

Being in Dubai is like suddenly finding yourself in a movie. It could be a James Bond movie, or a fantasy movie, or a superheroes story or some kind of a wacky cartoon about skiing in a desert. Any movie you like.

If you do not want to deal with lines and crowds at popular family destinations, keep in mind that Sunday is a working day in the UAE and Friday is a holiday.

A fancy bar in Dubai must have a view — the poshest places sell not only cocktails but also the feeling of having the city at your feet. Prices match this ambition.

Most of the bars have happy hours from 5pm to 8pm and a ladies’ day on Tuesday. A ladies’ day does not mean that men are not allowed, it simply means that female guests get complimentary drinks.

Some of the Dubai public beaches are totally free to access and some have a small entrance fee.

Many shoreline hotels give access to their private beaches for a fee from 150 to 700 AED. For a wide variety of paid luxurious beaches go to Palm Jumeirah island.

The best time to visit Dubai is October through April, when it is not too hot.

Amusement parks, water attractions and unforgettable adventures — Dubai is a great place to take kids to. 
Less than a century ago Dubai was just a small town living off pearl trade. But the discovery of oil in 1966 turned into a shiny new megapois. But Dubai is not just business and shopping, as it might seem. It is also a chance to acknowledge the many-thousand-year old Arab culture, to learn the marvellous story of a sleepy little town becoming the glorious megapolis, and to watch the vibrant contemporary art scene.